The light changed, granting its permission to cross the busy downtown intersection, as I hurried back to work after lunch. My phone dinged as a text arrived. Without thinking, I[…]

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Image of a dragon flying

Dragon Born

It was dark in the cave. A soft huffing was Heather’s only warning. “It’s okay, Korro. It’s me. I’m here to check on Mari and the kits.” The huffing subsided[…]

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A mother tells her child a story about his father, the ocean

Your Father’s Song

Be still, my child. Be still and listen to the lullaby your father sings for you. Listen closely. Can you hear? The gentle lapping of the waves upon the shore.[…]

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A woman dressed in white looks out the curtains dreaming of the future story of her life.

Sage’s Choice

Sebastian leaned back in the chair and threw his legs upon the corner the solid oak desk. Gray eyes watched his friend pace and fidget, worrying the hem of his[…]

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